By offering specialized boutique services, Anbros is able to satisfy its Borrower's objectives by bringing forth a large array of lending products and financing options. We work with both sophisticated real estate developers/managers to new 'budding' builders in the industry. Anbros truly is a one stop shop for all real estate based financing.

Unlike traditional lenders, Anbros offers creative solutions to real estate financing requirements. Though there are established lending guidelines, the team at Anbros understands that every deal is unique, and therefore a simple loan to value (or loan to cost) calculation is not the 'be all end all' credit metric.  

Over the years, the list of asset classes that the team at Anbros has financed has grown to included non real estate based assets. This is a function of the firm's existing client base venturing into various business realms that are non real estate secured i.e. cash-flow lending. Though such financing opportunities are explored by the team at Anbros based on the risk profile and merit, the firm's primary focus is,and continues to remain in financing the following real estate asset classes: 

Construction Financing

-  High Rise Residential;

-  Low Rise Residential;

-  Equity Financing - Mezzanine Loan and Equity Fund Joint Ventures;

-  Retail Plazas, Industrial Buildings, Commercial Centre, Office Buildings.

-  Specialized builds.

Commercial Mortgages

-  Apartment Buildings;

-  Stand-alone Building / Pads (both owner occupied and/or 3rd party tenant);

-  Retail Plazas, Industrial Buildings, Commercial Centre, Office Buildings;

-  Retirement Homes;

-  Hotels / Hospitality based real estate;

-  Special Purpose Real estate;

-  Custom Houses. 

Land Loans

- Condo lands;

- Zoned lands (Commercial, Residential, Retail, Industrial);

- Unzoned lands slated for development.

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